Feng Shui is Real … It Can Change Your Life!

Income Feng Shui

Build Your Wealth!

  • Get customers to find you, instead of you having to find customers.

  • Open up more opportunities at work to boost your growth and earning potential.

  • Advance higher up the corporate ladder in ways faster than your peers.

Health Feng Shui

Maintain Your Health!

  • Feel well-rested and energetic everyday.

  • Speed up the recovery of old illnesses and aliments.

  • Avoid major accidents and diseases.

Harmony Feng Shui

Foster Harmony!

  • Develop strong and lasting relationships, whether is it at home or at work.

  • Further improve your likability with the people around you.

  • Reduce the instances of gossips, rumours and petty people.

Love Feng Shui

Find True Love!

  • Increase your chances of meeting with the right one.

  • Raise your attractiveness with members of the opposite sex.

  • Establish a trusting and loving relationship with that special someone.

In today’s world,

Life Is Tough.

A Life Without Hope Is Tougher!

You have a great job/business.

You work hard for your family.

Your family, friends, colleagues and bosses all love you.

Life seems to be going well for you, but it only looks like that on the surface.

Now if only you had that extra SOMETHING, that can REALLY relieve you of your worries, your life will definitely TAKE OFF.

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Real People Real Testimonials

I first met Master Wang in year 2016. Back then I thought that feng shui was all about auspicious ornaments. But Master Wang surprised me by telling me that feng shui is only about the main door, bed and stove.

After feng shui, I started my new job at the bank. During the probation period, I was surprised at how I was closing sales one after another, while my fellow batch members were not advancing as smoothly as me. I assumed that it was because we were still inexperienced and that once this period is over, everyone would catch up.

But after our probation period, to my surprise, I managed to achieve top 3 sales within the whole branch in just my 1st month! Today, my record of sales has been within the top consistently.

Thank you Master Wang and Art Of Eastern Science Academy

T. W. Ng, Personal Banking Associate

Man is a master of his fate. This was a quote I used to believe in. However, with a failed marriage, worsening health and a bad job, I started to break down. I sought help from mystical powers and various temples. But nothing seemed to work and things started to get worse day by day. My world began to crumble and I almost gave up on life.

When I met Master Koh, he told me that 10 years of bad heaven luck was currently bestowed on me. He also told me that feng shui has NOTHING to do with auspicious ornaments. Through his feng shui audit, I was surprised that he can accurately tell me my past bad events just by measuring my main door. He was able to tell me when my marriage failed and even the room that I decided to end my life in.

1 month after he made the changes to my house. The relationship with my ex-wife improved, my body no longer feels tired and better job opportunities just keep knocking on my door.

True feng shui is an environmental science that allows us to harness the good energy to enrich our lives. I have benefitted from this and hope to share this with anyone who truly needs this.

Thank you Master Koh and Art Of Eastern Science Academy

M. Ng, Engineer

I came across Art Of Eastern Science back in 2012. Back then I didn’t make it a point to engage their services because I thought that my life was doing ok. However, in 2015 I lost my job. I tried applying to many hotels, restaurants and bakeries but to no avail, not even an interview. In the end, I had to resort to borrowing from my friends and family for basic living expenses.

It was when I was at my limit that I remembered AOES. Using the last of my borrowed money, I engaged their feng shui service. What was amazing was that on the day that they completed my apartment feng shui, that very evening, I received a call from my now current employer to go for an interview the very next day! Also the basic salary and job entails were better that what I was expecting!

I’m really surprised at the fast and positive results from their feng shui service.

Thank you Master Chong and Art Of Eastern Science Academy

C. Y. Fu, Pastry Chef